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We have revamped bankguru to include more features like forum, co-operative projects and more. My aim is to provide a platform where users will find answers to their issues or to create solutions together.


Banks find appalling new way to cheat homeowners

Category: General

A few months ago, Ceith and Louise Sinclair of Altadena, California, were told that their home had been sold. It was the first time they’d heard that it was for sale.

Their mortgage servicer, Nationstar, foreclosed on them without their knowledge, and sold the house to an investment company. If it wasn’t for the Sinclairs going to a local ABC affiliate and describing their horror story, they would…

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The Future of Prepaid Cards

Category: admin's blog

 In my view, most banks do not realise that their customers given the choice would not like banks to know about their purchases, so anonymity is worth something which prepaid cards stands out. This has nothing to do with the unbanked and anonymity means no-one can steal your identity. The second thing is that there is no charge-back which means no risk to the banks and associated costs. The third

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