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We have revamped bankguru to include more features like forum, co-operative projects and more. My aim is to provide a platform where users will find answers to their issues or to create solutions together.


building applet

Category: admin's blog

At last loansyndicate app is done. 

I like to say that this applet was coded by my friends in india, I know its not easy doing this and took us more than 6 months. The main issue had been the the constant redesigning of the look and feel. While the applet is designed to run on a mobile phone, the content has to be crammed into tiny space. Much attention was paid to the output so users can understand how to participate, and this means that we need to be selective as to what are required to be shown to the…

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Category: General

Finally after much testing, the applet for doing loansyndication between friends is completed. If you are using a mobile device then you can go straight to googleplay

or you can download a free copy from

please give us your feedback. Thanks

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