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We have revamped bankguru to include more features like forum, co-operative projects and more. My aim is to provide a platform where users will find answers to their issues or to create solutions together.


Video for deposit offer with voice & funky background music enjoy

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DP from datuk on Vimeo.

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What is relevant in a WILL document

Category: admin's blog

Have been conducting a case before probate court recently and this is what I learn to avoid complication when preparing your Will. 

What is required for a good will.
1.      Two co-executors/trustee with express provision what is to be done when one has to resign.
2.      Spell out that both co-exectors/trustees MUST agree else unilateral action is void and cost will not be recoverable from estate,…

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marketing to banks

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I am looking for a marketing person to get banks interested in
If you have experience dealing with banks in the US, please contact me, chris at depositoffer dot com

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