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We have revamped bankguru to include more features like forum, co-operative projects and more. My aim is to provide a platform where users will find answers to their issues or to create solutions together.


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HI, have been super busy with my Its basically a property auction online website targeted to Singapore owners. However I added a twist by including NEWs about various violence against women and people around the world. Kinda like reminding people who may be shopping for property about caring for others too. 

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New distributed payment system (stellar) and prepaid in the news again

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Check out Stellar at

In brief is a system where they use a 'bitcoin' system as opposed to currency which they call “stellar” which are released (no mining) and incremented by 1%. By receiving Stellar as the receipt for your exchanged dollars or Bitcoin or Yen so far. So you deposit USD, they record that as Stellar Currency and you can use this Stellar Currency to buy Yen to send to…

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