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With the Royal Commission Report (Feb 2019) citing mortgage brokers will no longer be able to collect commission from the banks, this is a good opportunity to revamp a brokerless loan application platform in the hope the fees can be passed as savings to borrowers. To reduce bank's risk exposure, two or more banks can syndicate a challenging loan. Alternatively, applying data and AI, we sought lower risk and sustained returns to the lenders. Banks often look for a diversified portfolio. Meanwhile, this platform has the easiest way to apply using our free-form (story-telling format). It is anonymous and free like gmail. To be fully independent, no commission from the banks ever and we earn our keep dispensing legal advice.

Please Read the Royal Commission Report

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Getting banks to be your partner should easy. We simplified this to "Hello" and a short introduction. But you still have to know the Bank's lingo like your "LVR". Don't know what is LVR ?

Check out our FAQ first.

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